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2011 01 28thChinaPhotovoltaic Kyosemi See-through Solar Modules ()
2010 12 1stChinaPhotovoltaic Topsky Products (

This week, we have made the newest price list on that based on the solar market changes.If your are interested in that,please tell us the model and quantity and delivery time.We will provide you best quotations as soon as possible.
2007 09 6thUSAPhotovoltaic Solar plant planned in California desert (Reuters)
2007 08 28thUSAPhotovoltaic Forecast for solar power: Sunny (USA Today)
2007 08 21stIsraelPhotovoltaic Concentrated Photovoltaics (Reuters : Video)
2007 08 17thUSAPhotovoltaic Solar expert HelioVolt gets $77 million (CNET)
CIS cells have had large scale manufacturing problems, but should be cheaper and more versatile than traditional (Si based) cells.
2007 08 1stUSAPhotovoltaic From 40.7 to 42.8 % Solar Cell Efficiency (RNEA)
This is nice but has little effect if the market is keeping these products out of reach of the consumer. We need true price levels and govenemnet owned solar cell plants.
2007 07 20thUSAPhotovoltaic Carbon nontube based cheap photovoltaics (Science daily)
2007 07 9thUSAPhotovoltaic California to build 'world's largest' solar farm (CNN)
2007 06 26thUSAPhotovoltaic Solar Power Nanotechnology May Cut Cost In Half, Executives Say (Bloomberg news)
2007 06 25thUKPhotovoltaic SCHOTT Solar Integrates Photovoltaic Modules Directly into Roofs (
2007 06 25thJapanPhotovoltaic SANYO Develops 22% efficient Solar Cells (Sanyo)
2007 06 21stUSAPhotovoltaic Solar power costs dropping, nearing competition (Reuters)
2007 06 8thIndiaPhotovoltaic Webel in solar cell JV with European firm (Business Standard)
2007 05 11thJapanPhotovoltaic Showa Shell presents new thin-film module (Photon-Magazine)
2007 05 11thUSAPhotovoltaic Shrinking the cost for solar power (CNET)
2007 05 10thUSAPhotovoltaic Soliant Energy recieves Congressman Schiff (Soliant Energy)
2007 05 9thUSAPhotovoltaic Rebate rule chills sales of solar (LA Times)
Utilties trying to get their money, either way. In Holland this was done by making it mandatory to install a special e-meter. Another way is by delaying new technology, f.i. concetrated photovoltaics, through resistance of installers. One company that beat them by joining them was 'Practical Instruments'.
2007 05 4thUSAPhotovoltaic Solar Silicon Solution Wins MIT Energy Plan Contest (PESN)
2007 05 2ndUSAPhotovoltaic Quantum Dot Recipe May Lead To Cheaper Solar Panels (ScienceDaily)
An innovation in chemistry removes one obstacle in the application of quantum dots in the production of photovoltaic systems.
2007 05 2ndKoreaPhotovoltaic South Korea switches to solar (Reuters)
'Generate electricality..'. 80 million spend to provide for 7000 households.
2007 04 29thCanadaPhotovoltaic Ontario goes solar (The Star)
2007 04 23rdIndiaPhotovoltaic Moser Baer to branch out into cell and module production (Photon International)
2007 04 17thUSAPhotovoltaic Concentrated PV targets Commercial Rooftops (Energy Priorities)
2007 04 13thUSAPhotovoltaic 3D Solar Cells Boost Efficiency of Photovoltaic Arrays (GaTech)
2007 04 13thItalyPhotovoltaic BIPV: Solar Integrated Wins U.S. $10 Million Project (SI)
2007 04 9thNorwayPhotovoltaic Sunfilm Plans to Reduce the Cost of Solar Panel Manufacturing (Renewable Energy Access)
Tandem Cell Technology Tandem cell technology, two levels in the making, Upper's for the shorter waves and lower's longer taking, We hope efficiency is high and costs are kept quite low, Sixty Megawatts per year could help with grid line flow, Or independent customers investing into doubles, May find this type of tandem cell's an answer to their troubles.
2007 04 5thGermanyPhotovoltaic Germany produces 55% of global solar electricity ()
2007 04 5thNew ZealandPhotovoltaic Solar power breakthrough at Massey ()
2007 04 1stUSAPhotovoltaic GT Solar Signs $49M Polysilicon Reactor Contract with Nitol Group ()
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